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UK  Mortgage Advisory and Solutions

​We closely work with one of the best mortgage brokers in the market, who has extensive experience working with overseas purchasers especially. We arrange one-on-one calls with the mortgage specialist to have an in-depth understanding of each case and offer innovative and cost-effective mortgage solutions to each client.

Our Partner:

Buy-to-let mortgages (60% - 75% Loan-To-Value)

Buy-to-let mortgages provide borrowers with a primary loan secured by an investment residential property. These mortgages are specifically designed for properties that are rented out, with the rental income serving as the means to cover the mortgage payments. By leveraging the property's tenancy, borrowers can secure the mortgage while ensuring that the rent generated by the tenant provides the necessary funds to meet their repayment obligations.

Document Checklist for Credit Application

  • Copy of passport with the signing page

  • Proof of Hong Kong residential address

  • Employer letter(client name, DOB, employment position, length of service & salary) Recent 3 months salary pay slips

  • Recent 6 months bank statements (showing salary income)

  • Recent 1 month credit card statement

  • Recent 3 months UK bank account statement - if applicable

  • Recent 3 months bank statements showing proof of deposit or confirmation from your

  • UK lawyer for down payment paid for AML clearance

  • Recent 12 month Home mortgage loan history, outstanding loan amount andremaining terms - if applicable

  • Reservation Form on your property purchase or Memo of Sale

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