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Exclusive  Property

Penthouse, Shoreditch Exchange
Luxurious High-Rise Unit

Listed Price: £1,475,000

This luxurious high-rise unit, completed in 2020, has been occupied by the owner for only 4 years and is now for sale due to personal reasons. The unit is in excellent condition, almost like new.

  • The interior space is 1,305 square feet with a high utilization rate, plus an 80 square foot balcony.

  • The space is well-utilized, featuring three storage rooms that are both beautiful and practical.

  • It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms, including two en-suite bedrooms. The third bathroom is separate from the third bedroom, making it a rare type in the market.

  • The rental price for this high-rise penthouse unit can reach over £5,000 per month.

London Interior

The London property market has demonstrated resilience over the years, with long-term capital appreciation and a steady demand for quality properties. Despite short-term fluctuations, London's property market has proven to be a solid investment option, offering potential for value appreciation and rental income.

From Hong Kong to London: Exploring the Best Property

Chelsea Waterfront SW10

About Us

A - Attentiveness - Our primary focus is on being attentive and helpful to our buyers, ensuring that we understand their needs. We recognize that purchasing a house is a significant decision, and we are committed to providing attentive service both before and after the sales process. Our goal is to offer our buyers peace of mind when making the life-changing decision of buying a house in London.


V - Values - Our core principle is to create value in the market through integrity and transparency. We strive to assist people in investing their money wisely and diversifying their assets securely. We believe in upholding ethical standards and building trust with our clients.


E - Excitement - We understand that a house represents more than just an investment; it symbolizes dreams and the concept of home. Our aim is to help you discover a house that genuinely excites you, a place where you can envision creating lasting memories and finding true happiness.

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Property Research and Sales Advisory 

Discover exclusive opportunities in London's most sought-after new developments. Benefit from early access to premium properties in prestigious locations and receive expert guidance to make informed and lucrative investment decisions. We also help clients to buy and sell second-hand properties in London.


Letting and Property Management

Optimize your rental income and enjoy a hassle-free property ownership experience, even if you're located overseas and own property in the UK. We managing all aspects of your property with utmost care, providing you with peace of mind. We also provide a variety of furniture packages to make your property more attractive in the market.


UK  Mortgage Advisory and Solutions

We closely work with one of the best mortgage brokers in the market, who has extensive experience working with overseas purchasers especially. We arrange one-on-one calls with the mortgage specialist to have an in-depth understanding of each case and offer innovative and cost-effective mortgage solutions to each client.


Legal Procedures Assistance

We assist our clients throughout the purchase procedures, whether they are in the UK or elsewhere. We provide advice from legal experts on various developments and help with transaction timing arrangements in order to ensure a smooth and secure legal process.


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